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I'm an experienced engineer with broad tech and non-tech skills seeking interesting engineering challenges! Building meaningful, high-visibility apps that reach a broad audience drives and inspires me.

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What I've Been Up To


Recharge – Hotel Rooms by the Minute

Created original Node.js backend, AngularJS hotel dashboard, and Ionic mobile frontend. Recharge made it to the top of Product Hunt with over 1,000 downloads on first day and was featured on the Ionic Showcase.

Pokemon TCG: Tournament Bracket

Built and scaled trading card web app. Used AWS and developed the tournament features in 5 days with no prior experience to the Laravel framework. Garnered 120 million votes in 3 days after launch at JVST.


IoT Turret

A rubber band turret that accepts commands through the internet. Works through and arduino hooked up to the physical unit, while the software side is built with flask and pyduino/serial.

Make City

3d generation of cities for disaster simulation or video game studios. It programatically generates cities in blender based off specified building/road/environment models and provides the .blend file through a web platform. Currently, the city generation is complete and the web platform is a work in progress.

Ranked Up

Small project that helps syncs videos for teammates to review gameplay together. Currently a work in progress.


Fallout: New Vegas - High Def Texture Pack

Made a creative hack for high def textures for the game before official modding tools were released. The artists used the same UV map in the meshes for 3rd and first person, and upon realizing this I mapped the first person to the third person UV textures.

Garry's Mod - PHX Mod: Triangles

Was responsible for the creation of triangle based models in the PHX model pack. Honestly was surprised no-one thought to include triangles. Currently, it's integrated into the game itself since ~2008.